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August 20 – 26, Monday – Saturday, 9 – 5 & Sunday, 11 – 4

Customer Appreciation Week

Our customers are what make Well-Sweep Herb Farm successful. To show our thanks, we invite you to visit us during this week and receive a 20% discount on all purchases. On Saturday, August 25, come and experience our farm with a day of free lectures.

Dazzling Fall Perennials: at 11:00 with David Hyde, avid plant enthusiast, noted lecturer and co-owner of Well-Sweep Herb Farm’s family business. Come discover great perennials for dazzling late-season color and their deer resistance, drought tolerance and pollinator benefits. David will cover selecting, transplanting, growing, and maintaining them – as well as some of his favorites.

Herb Garden Tours: at 12:30 and 2:30. Join Patrick McDuffee on a tour of our Formal Herb Garden and learn the history and uses of both exotic and familiar herbs. Patrick, the third generation at Well-Sweep, shares his grandfather’s – Cyrus Hyde noted collector and speaker – herbal enthusiasm.

Pollinator Paradise: at 1:00 join Lorette Cheswick, skilled apiarist and garden designer, for a tour of our extensive gardens. Learn how to tweak your garden to create a late-season pollen paradise. As the temperatures cool learn what plants help the bees and butterflies thrive and assist in their wintering success. Learn how to keep your bee-and-bee open for a few more months, how to layer blossoms for improved nectar sources, what plants not to deadhead and tips for a pollinator-friendly landscape. Come discover these bee and butterfly magnets, their complex relationships and vibrant fall blossoms.

On this day, Saturday, complimentary herbal refreshments will be served. Free admission and parking.


August 25, Saturday, 9:00 to 1:00

Visit us at the Sparta Farmers’ Market

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September 1 – 3, Saturday – Monday

Visit us at the Woodstock-New Paltz Art & Crafts Fair

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September 1, Saturday, 11:00

The Exotic World of Herbs & Spices

Join us for a lecture at the Woodstock-New Paltz Art & Crafts Fair – click here for more information.

Come explore the fascinating world of herbs and their unusual fragrances and flavors; experience tasty basils, exotic jasmines and unique ethnic varieties. This introduction will cover the lore and history of common and unusual herbs known for their culinary attributes, scents and uses. Growing tips, requirements and the best culinary choices will be presented by David Hyde of Well-Sweep Herb Farm – known for one of the largest collections of herbs and perennials in the country. Learn how easy and beneficial herbs are to grow and enjoy – come experience their delight!


September 8 – 9, Saturday & Sunday

Visit us at Victorian Days – Belvidere, NJ

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September 8, Saturday, 10:00 to 12:00

Bringing in the Harvest

With your garden bursting forth with the bounty of your efforts – come learn how to preserve your harvest. The art of drying, freezing and canning your herbs, vegetables and fruit will enable you to enjoy the benefits of your garden year-round. Shortcuts, as well as tried and true methods will be covered. Reservations are required. $28.00.


September 9, Sunday, 10:00 to 5:00

Visit us at the Nyack Street Fair – NY

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September 15, Saturday, 10:00 to 12:00

Making Herbal Tinctures

Join Kerry Adams and learn how to capture the amazing benefits of medicinal plants. This will be a lecture and demonstration on both the simple folk method and how to use calculations based on the plant to make your own alcohol tinctures and glycerin extracts. Kerry has been a practicing herbalist and educator for 44 years and is the founder of Herbally Yours – learn more here. Reservations are required. $35.00.


 September 15, Saturday, 2:00 to 4:00

Nature Inspired Ceramics

Join Emma Rimi for Ceramics at the Farm! In this fun workshop you will have the choice to make several ceramic garden markers or a beautiful decorative tray. Emma will be teaching beginner hand building techniques focusing on textures and forms seen in nature. Each project will be glazed and ready for pick up at the farm 2 – 3 weeks after the workshop; everything is included. Reservations are required. $45.00.


September 16, Sunday, 1:30 to 3:00

Herbal Tea Party

Join Patrick of Well-Sweep Herb Farm for a delicious afternoon tea. Enjoy samples of his favorite fresh-cut herbal teas, from common to unusual, as he lectures on their health benefits and lore. Windowsill and garden growing tips will be covered as well as harvesting, drying and brewing. Crazy hats encouraged. Reservations are required. $33.00.


September 22, Saturday, 1:00 to 3:00

Natural Dye Class

Come learn the ancient art of natural dyeing using plants from your own garden. Connie Wieczorek, an experienced dyer and instructor, will teach you the process of preparing and then dyeing a small scarf that you can take home. The class is hands on, fun, and aims to give a good overview for those interested in further dyeing skills. This class is for the beginner, no prior experience needed. Reservations are required. $45.00.


September 29 – 30, Saturday – Sunday

Visit us at the New Hope Arts & Crafts Festival

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October 6, Saturday, 10:00 to 12:00

Dried Flower Arrangement

Turn a vase into a lovely, lasting masterpiece using a colorful array of dried flowers grown here at Well-Sweep Herb Farm, as Louise guides you through this fun fall project. Reservations are required. $36.00.


October 13, Saturday, 1:00 to 3:00

Soap Making

Learn how to make all-natural, homemade soap. Various methods and ingredients will be covered. Choose from a varied selection of fragrant essential oils and herbs to create your own specialty soap. Wear old clothes. Reservations are required. $36.00.


October 20, Saturday, 6:00 to 9:00

Fall Harvest Celebration & Edgar Allan Poe

Join us for our 18th annual Fall Harvest gathering, with honored guest Edgar Allan Poe. The father of the detective story, pioneer of science fiction and master of the macabre will be portrayed by acclaimed actor, Bob Gleason, from the American Historical Theatre. Exposing the inner machinations of the human mind and heart, Gleason’s Edgar Allan Poe provides vivid images, terrifying tales and heart-thumping excitement. Come enjoy a delicious feast and entertaining evening. Reservations are required. $75.00.


November 3 to December 23

Christmas in the Country

At this time of year, the Well-Sweep garden fairies transform the shop into a Christmas wonderland. The greenhouse will be stocked with a selection of attractive windowsill herbs, tender perennials in bloom and unique topiaries. Enter to win a $35 Gift Certificate.

After Thanksgiving our beautiful handmade fresh evergreen wreaths, sprays and arrangements will be available. Enjoy complimentary hot mulled cider and cookies at this time. Custom wreaths are available. Bring your holiday guests – come visit!


November 10, Saturday, 1:00 to 3:00

Dried Flower Wreath

Using a 12” grapevine base, create a 15” wreath using a wide selection of dried flowers, artemisia, and salal leaves. Color schemed to your preference. Reservations required. $49.00.


November 23 & 24, Friday & Saturday, 11:00 & 2:00

Holiday Greenhouse Tour

Come experience the pleasure of our greenhouses – filled with unusual blossoms and exotic scents. Join us for an informative lecture-tour of our collection of herbs from around the world. This is a wonderful way to learn about the rare and unusual, as well as familiar herbs. Reservations are required. Free.


November 27, Tuesday, 7:00 to 9:00

December 1, Saturday, 10:00 to 12:00

Christmas Evergreen Wreath

Create your own 16″ fresh evergreen wreath using various types of pine and holly. These contrasting greens will be wire-wrapped onto a metal form, making a long-lasting attractive display. Add decorative pine cones and a colorful bow. Please bring gloves and pruning shears. Reservations are required. $39.00.


December 8, Saturday, 10:00 to 12:00

Holiday Centerpiece

Using holly and various types of fresh greens, create a delightful centerpiece for your holiday table. We will add pine cones and berries, and finish with a candle and decorative bow. The approximate size is 14”. Bring gloves and clippers. Reservations are required. $39.00.


December 8, Saturday, 1:30 to 3:30

Evergreen Christmas Tree

Create a long-lasting festive tree for your holiday table using fresh boxwood, holly, and assorted winter greens. You will then decorate with pine cones, ribbon, and other novelties. Completed height approximately 18”. One of our most popular evergreen pieces. Bring clippers. Reservations are required. $45.00.




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February 22 – 25, Thursday – Sunday

Visit us at the NJ Flower & Garden Show – “A Magical Adventure”

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March 3 – 11, Saturday – Sunday

Visit us at the Philadelphia Flower Show – “Wonders of Water”

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June 2, Saturday, 9:00 to 5:00

Spring Open House

Favorite Kitchen Herbs: 9:00
Dazzling Perennials: 10:00
Herb Garden Tour: 10:30
Bees & Butterflies  – Blossom Banquets for Pollinators: 11:00
Smoked To Perfection: 11:30 & 12:45
Native American Flute: 12:00
The Pharmacy in Your Kitchen: 1:00
Native Wildflowers & Ferns: 2:30
Herb Garden Tour: 3:30

Welcome to Well-Sweep Herb Farm! Enjoy a day of free informative lectures and presentations, as well as tours of our spectacular gardens.

At 9:00 join Louise Hyde for a presentation on Favorite Kitchen Herbs.  One of the farm’s founders, gardener, cook and author of the hit cookbook ‘Favorite Recipes From Well-Sweep’ – come learn Louise’s knowledge on easy to grow herbs for savory dishes.

At 10:00 join David Hyde for Dazzling Perennials – plants that perform for extraordinary displays.

At 10:30 a Garden Tour on the history and uses of both exotic and familiar herbs will be led by Patrick McDuffee – the third generation at Well-Sweep and grandson of lecturer and collector Cyrus Hyde.

At 11:00 Lorette Cheswick, skilled Apiarist, will present a garden tour on plants that attract pollinators. Many flowering plants provide nectar and pollen for insects as enticements to help move their pollen from one plant to another for improved seed production. This symbiotic relationship adds a season long layer of observation for any garden visit. Seeing which plants are active insect snarers and which plants trick insects is both entertaining and instructive. Come learn about these Bee and Butterfly magnets for your garden and their complex relationships.

At 11:30 and 12:45 join Kevin Rushing owner of “The Real Deal Bar-B-Q” as he presents his culinary and smoking tips for “meat smoked to perfection”. Applewood smoked Beef Ribs, Pulled Pork, Brisket, Chicken & Sausage dishes as well as sides will also be available for purchase from 11 to 2 . Local patrons say “those were the best ribs I’ve ever tasted.” Come experience sides featuring herbs and spices from our farm – such as our delicious Lovage Potato Salad. Click the link to learn more about “The Real Deal Bar-B-Q”.

At 12:00 join Dan Cardaci  with his mastery of the Native American flute and it’s healing peaceful sounds.

At 1:00 join Kerry Adams, a practicing herbalist of 44 years, for a lecture on The Pharmacy in Your Kitchen. Some of our best healing herbs are already in our homes. Learn about these many natural remedies, their uses and how to treat or prevent illness for yourself and your family. Learn more about Kerry here.

At 2:30 join David Hyde for Native Wildflowers & Ferns – a presentation on perennial natives and nativars. Learn about the benefits of these beauties and how to introduce them into the garden and keep them happy. David will cover selecting, transplanting, growing, and maintaining them – as well as some of his favorites. Discover how to support our indigenous bird, butterfly and insect populations.

At 3:30 a Garden Tour on the history and uses of both exotic and familiar herbs will be led by Patrick McDuffee – the third generation at Well-Sweep and grandson of lecturer and collector Cyrus Hyde.

Our largest selection of herb plants will be available on this day. Homemade refreshments can be enjoyed by all. Feel free to bring a picnic lunch. Free admission and parking.


June 9, Saturday, 9:00 to 1:00

Visit us at the Sparta Farmers’ Market

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June 16, Saturday, 11:00 to 2:00

Cooking with Herbs

Have you ever tried rose geranium jelly or lovage potato salad? Come and discover the many uses of culinary herbs. Learn which herbs are the best for cooking, as well as how to grow, harvest and preserve them. The lecture will be followed by a delicious herb-themed lunch. Reservations are required. $39.00


June 16 – 17, Saturday – Sunday

Visit us at Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival

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June 23, Saturday, 9:00 to 1:00

Visit us at the Sparta Farmers’ Market

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June 23, Saturday, 1:30 to 3:30

Hypertufa Planters

Create two of your own hypertufa trough planters with that Old English look. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes for your project. We will be combining cement, perlite and other ingredients – so wear old clothes, bring rubber gloves and a face mask. Troughs will need to be left to dry with us for a few days. Reservations are required. $46.00.


June 29, Friday, 6:30 to 9:00

Medicinal Herb Walk & Native American Storytelling

David Winston, renowned herbalist and ethnobotanist, will present an educational walk to locate and identify common medicinal herbs in their native habitat. Learn about the healing properties of nature’s pharmacy, perhaps just beyond your own doorstep. Following the walk, David will share a Native American Indian story as we gather around a campfire.

Mr. Winston is an internationally known lecturer as well as founder and president of Herbalist & Alchemist, Inc. Refreshments will be served. Learn more about David Winston here and Herbalist & Alchemist here. Reservations are required. $44.00.


June 30, Saturday, 11:00 to 2:00

Wonderful Lavender & Lunch

Come and enjoy a relaxing and educational day with lavender. Our day begins at 11:00 with ‘Lovely Lavender,’ a presentation by David Hyde on growing, enjoying and harvesting this herb. The history, best varieties, tips and tricks, as well as the many healing benefits of lavender will be covered.

A tasty lavender lunch will follow at 12:00. At 1:00 enjoy an activity creating your very own 8″ heart-shaped fresh lavender wreath to take home. Drying and care instructions will also be covered. This makes an attractive addition for your home’s decor. Come experience this wonderful fragrant herb. Reservations are required. $52.00.


July 7, Saturday, 9:00 to 1:00

Visit us at the Sparta Farmers’ Market

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July 7, Saturday, 1:30 to 3:30

Lavender Crafts

With lavender in full bloom – enjoy a relaxing afternoon creating two beautiful projects from this fragrant herb. We will make a 8″ lavender wreath and a lavender wand, using fresh lavender – delightful decorations for your home. Lavender refreshments will be served. Reservations are required. $39.00.


July 21, Saturday, 9:00 to 1:00

Visit us at the Sparta Farmers’ Market

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July 28, Saturday, 11:00 to 2:00

Midsummer Herb Festival

Well-Sweep’s 29th annual Midsummer Herb Festival celebrates ‘Hops’, Humulus, the 2018 International Herb Association’s – Herb of the Year. Enjoy a tasty luncheon prepared with hops as well as other complimentary herbs.

Come and learn about the many virtues of this popular culinary and medicinal plant, as well as growing tips for a successful harvest. Additionally guest lecturer Brewmaster Joe Fisher of Man Skirt Brewing in Hackettstown, NJ,  will provide a presentation on brewing with Hops. Joe is also featuring a Craft Brew using the petals of our ‘Belladonna’ Damask Rose for the occasion – visit Man Skirt Brewing here.

Top off the day with a tour through our Formal Herb Garden. Reservations are required. $42.00.


August 3 – 12, Friday – Sunday

Visit us at the NJ State Fair – 

Sussex County Farm & Horse Show

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August 18, Saturday, 9:00 to 1:00

Visit us at the Sparta Farmers’ Market

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For more information – call (908) 852-5390 or e-mail us at




Herb Garden Tours

       Farm lecture tours are available for groups of 10 or more. Tour our impressive culinary, medicinal, and formal herb gardens; also visit the gift shop and farm animals. Lecture subjects include the history, uses, and cultivation of herbs, as well as herbal recipe suggestions. Tours can be tailored to specific topics.
Offered May through October, tours are $8.50 per person with a non-refundable deposit of $25.00. Box lunches are available for groups of 15 or more, or if you prefer to bring your own – a picnic area is provided. Call us today to schedule your group’s tour.


Call For More Details(908) 852-5390


       Special events are held rain or shine and will not be canceled – (except in situations beyond our control). A check mailed to us will reserve your place. Your canceled check is your confirmation. Refunds minus a $5.00 nonrefundable fee will be issued to those canceling at least 10 days prior to the event.


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