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Welcome to Well-Sweep Herb Farm!     

      Our farm, a family endeavor, is located in the picturesque mountains of Warren County and is home to one of the largest collections of herbs and perennials in the country. Germinating from the seed of handed down tradition and hobby – to a business that has flourished, 2024 proclaims our 55th year.

      From around the globe, with a breadth of Acanthus to Zatar, our selection spans from the familiar and unusual to the rare and exotic. This season we are introducing 175 intriguing new plants to our collection which now tops 1,898 varieties. Whether you’re a collector, designer, dabbler or windowsill gardener … we hope to arouse the curiosity of all!

Our Farm

      Come Visit! We invite you to bring a picnic lunch, play with your children on the swings, visit our farm animals, enjoy a leisurely stroll along our garden paths or just relax and enjoy the beauty of the day.

      The farm features a multitude of herbs and perennials, display gardens and a gift shop. Our shop is filled with a wonderful assortment of dried flowers, wreaths, statuary, books, essential oils, hard-to-find potpourri supplies and unusual gifts for all ages.

      Our butterfly, herb, medicinal, perennial and rock gardens burst forth with breathtaking displays throughout the farm and have been featured in national magazines and books. Our brick-pathed formal herb garden boasts a knot garden, as well as a display of the 39 basils, 66 lavenders, 46 rosemarys, 80 thymes, and 84 scented-leaf geranium varieties that we stock. Whether for pleasure, inspiration or ideas … come see the possibilities.

Our Guarantee

      With 54 years in the trade, we want you to experience the same gardening rewards that we do, and for this reason we strive to provide you with high-quality robust plants.

      If you are less than pleased with your order, notify us within 10 days; if we were in error, a full refund of the merchandise will be issued accordingly. We reserve the right to request return of the items prior to adjustment.

      A few damaged leaves may occur in transit, this usually will not affect the vitality of the plant. If excess damage has occurred, however, please contact us immediately. We trust you understand that we are not responsible for loss due to improper care.

Our Hours

      The farm is open year-round, Monday through Saturday 9 am to 5 pm and April through August and December, Sundays 11 am to 4 pm. Please call before stopping by January – March.

        2024 Special Openings – April 1 to August 31: Sundays, 11:00 – 4:00 &

December 1 to December 17: Sundays, 11:00 – 4:00.

Our Plants

      Our plants are grown organically – naturally without chemical pesticides or fungicides. All plants are shipped properly labeled and well-rooted in three inch pots or quart containers as noted in the catalog by (Qt.). Weather permitting, our widest selection of herb plants and perennials is available for purchase around May 15th.

Our Special Events

      For your enjoyment Well-Sweep Herb Farm offers special events, as well as guest speakers, lectures, slide shows and craft classes scheduled throughout the year. These educational and entertaining events are listed on our website under “Special Events” – come have some fun! Please call or e-mail for details –

Our Story

      In 1966, husband and wife, Cyrus and Louise Hyde, purchased an old run-down house and a piece of property. With a background in farming and a passion for gardening, what began as a homestead gradually transformed and grew into a national attraction.

      Louise, author of the hit cookbook Favorite Recipes From Well-Sweep, a mother of three and at one time a licensed physical therapist, orchestrates and sustains the farm’s dynamic symphony of events. Walks and constructing the farm’s stone-bordered gardens occupy her free time and just look for her ever attentive Border Collie if you need to find her.

      Cy was a collector of herbs and rare poultry and was filled with the lore of the land; Cyrus passed on June 19, 2020 at the age of 90. He was well-known as a lecturer and for the development of his own plant varieties and in 1991 he received the Herb Society of America’s Nancy Putnam Howard Award for excellence in horticulture. In 2001 the International Herb Association presented him with a professional award for his outstanding contributions to the herb industry.

      Our crew, the majority seasonal and a handful of faithfuls, help keep the farm’s mechanism in motion. In the greenhouses – Maria is our expert plant propagator and has transplanting down to an art. Cyrus and Louise’s grandson Patrick, joined us fresh out of college and works in sales and greenhouse production. Brian lends a helping hand wherever needed and maintains the formal herb garden. While David, our eldest son, wears many hats and if it needs doing … he gets it done.

Our News

      Several distinguished plants compliment our selection this year: the rare ‘Frosch’s Harlequin’ Lady’s Slipper under Cypripedium, the tasty ‘Pingo de Mel’ Fig – a Portugese variety also know as ‘Drop of Honey’, the unique Barbados Cherry with nickle size tasty cherries, the elegant ‘Black Tie Affair’ Double Hellebore with 3 1/2″ double black blossoms with a lighter center and the way cool ‘Red Dragon’ Venus Fly Trap under Carnivorous Plants.

      We have always strived to not only provide you with a listing of our plants but also a catalog that is a gardeners reference – enjoy!

      In some respect every plant known to humankind, whether common or rare, shares a useful purpose either in the aesthetic appeal of their foliage or blooms, their culinary or medicinal virtues, or their diverse variation of fragrance or flavor. By including some of this information, it is our wish that we may enlighten you, enhance your lifestyle or broaden your horticultural interests. While it is our pleasure to share this information, ultimately you are responsible for the way that you use your plants. We encourage you to continue your own research before experimenting. It is our hope that you will be inspired to expand your collection with some of our extraordinary specimens.

      The International Herb Association has chosen True Ginger, Zingiber officinale, as the 2023 Herb of the Year. Also, the Perennial Plant Association has chosen ‘American Gold Rush’ Rudbeckia as the 2023 Perennial Plant of the Year – a well deserved award. Come check out our beauties!

      Your patronage helps support a small family business that provides personal service, as well as an enjoyable place for you to visit and relax. We thank you for choosing Well-Sweep Herb Farm for your gardening needs. Plants are our passion – we hope our love and fascination with them encourages you to feel the same. We look forward to your visit or order, and hope to see you soon.

Louise & David Hyde, and Staff